Balemage Frankince oil skincare from Ethiopia



Balémage is all about harnessing the power of nature with unconditional respect for nature itself.

We put sustainability at the top of our minds including our clients, partners, and employees.

Our Vision:

Provide our customers with the highest quality rare materials and natural ingredients through a luxury and personal shopping experience both online and in our boutiques.

Our Values:

Natural, quality, precision, experience, Luxury, a brand with heritage.

raw materials

Keeping nature at the top of our minds, we source only premium, lab-tested raw materials in their highest form.


Natural Cosmetics: We only use premium UV medical-grade glass sustainable containers that protect the formulation and are recyclable.

While many believe that a "bigger container" looks more impressive and luxurious, we know that our rare ingredients and unique formulations are the ones that bring our customers the most value.

Therefore we reduced the size of our bottles to the minimum possible to minimize the use of glass.


As a part of our sustainability commitment, we are using the smallest package sizes where possible while protecting your products while having in mind carbon emissions.

employees and partners

As a part of our commitment to all of our stakeholders, we believe in fair trade and proper compensation to all of our Vendors, Employees, and Partners.